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Empowering delivery teams to manage the customer experience while providing business leaders with data to track, measure, and forecast resources.

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A [ furniture company ] saw the need to reduce their dependency on paper notes and phone calls for their home delivery service. They also needed a way to integrate data and improve communication channels to help forecast and validate business decisions.

CLIENT: [ A Regional Furniture Retailer ]

TEAM: UX Designer (x2), Developer (x3), Project Manager

MY ROLE: IA, UX Design, UI Design

Human-centered workshops

The UX team facilitated fast-paced collaborative workshops to understand the vision, user needs, and business needs. The workshop activities lead to whiteboard sketches of key design concepts that aligned team members on the direction and vision.

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A day in the life of a delivery team

The team began by riding along with delivery teams to understand how they worked and their daily activities. As we shadowed the delivery teams we captured pain points and potential areas for improvement in the customers experience, delivery services, and management.

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Developing A Common Understanding

We developed diagrams to create a shared views across teams while considering different perspectives. The diagrams captured details in layers such as capabilities, business rules, and other elements that will affect how the mobile application will behave.

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Developing the Experience

The primary user of the application was delivery drivers so the team selected a Galax Note with data, camera, and GPS to provide a single solution. Using the sketches from the design workshops we developed gray scale low fidelity designs helping the client to focus on the information and workflows. After reviewing the content and interaction design with users and stakeholders we developed the high fidelity visual patterns and kentics for the application. The style was kept simple and high contrast for the delivery teams but also for customers who needed to provide a signature for their delivery.

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The Results

After making a tweaks to the design and code during the pilot, our client deployed the application to their delivery teams. The Delivery team now manages customer issues and guarantees delivery within a two-hour window. The business leaders began to receive data to track, measure and forecast resources for the company.

Mobile Phone Application Screenshot