Scott Smith | Product Designer

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Dynamic Touchscreen Appliances

A seamless experience between a suite of touch screen appliances that drew on user research, usability testing and collaboration

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5-Tool Trainer App

Track. Improve. Prevent. A Mobile tool kit that provides student athletes the ability to track their performance, improve their game and prevent injury

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Social Geolocation Game

A location-based adventure platform with a flexible game design for all ages that bridges the digital and physical space.

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Improving the home Delivery experience

Empowering delivery teams to manage time and customer issues leads to a better delivery experience for customers while providing business leaders with data to track, measure, and forecast resources

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Mobile optimized ATM & Branch Locator

Mobile first responsive design for finding, filtering, and viewing details of ATM & Branch locations.

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Interactive Education Application

An educational institution knew the power technology has to engage and educate people. They wanted a way to educate and empower students on career choices, tuition, and colleges

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To design is to communicate clearly by whatever means you can control or master.
—Milton Glaser


I am a client-facing leader within the Human Centered Design (HCD) practice at Summa responsible for actively leading digital initiatives with clients. I blend design leadership, hands-on craft, and business analysis to wrangle complex problems into meaningful and engaging products for people. In my spare time you can find me experimenting with everything, from not hitting a tree snowboarding to physical computing.

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